Held at the famous Casa Cogollo, known as Casa del Palladio, in the heart of Vicenza. A 16th century house by the architect Andrea Palladio. This was a personal exhibition showing unique art pieces from Jahara aswell as new design works coming from the recently opened studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

Pieces shown, the Aglutinoginos contamination seems like South America map, then necklaces, bracelets and prototypes, a Shampoo lamp, melted plastics net experiments, and rubber Squiggles. Plastic Design Exhibition in Vicenza, curated by Alessio Cardin, from Simplicemente Contemporaneo and with a catalogue by Stefania Portinari, kindly sponsored by the Vicenza City Council

Pecha Kucha night organized by Extrasmall a talk with several designers on their creative works. Great crowd and great city, we loved to share the images and talk about design during the night.

A few shots of the exhibition at Design-e-space Gallery in Venice, featuring works by international designers for the Venice Architecture Biennial of 2008. Virus installation and Bacteria lamp above.

In 2008, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation organized several conferences to discuss the role of the young contemporary artists that had been awarded with their annual studio space in Venice. The discussions themed around design, painting, conceptual art, drawing, sculpture, video and performance and during three days public and curators could meet and know all the artist's works.

Above, from left to right, the ROLLERCOASTER LAMP, a set of FLIP BASKETS, RANDOM PENCIL HOLDERS, more FLIP and a SQUIGGLE lamp by EDEPTH CO. Japan at the Gallery entrance. 2007.

Curated by Milovan Farronato, at the St. Mark's Square Gallery from the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, BuyBye was an interactive shop experience that welcomed visitors in the entrance with conceptual objects for sale in vacuum packs. A full room at the opening preview, and the event was kept open for a month.We featured video, objects, art pieces and works from other young artists.

At A+A gallery in Venice, the collective exhibition showed the Mutant series.. New faces for an evolution of our species were proposed in three aluminium printed photos.

Pecha Kucha Night is a global event with a great format that really works. This is the first one in Italy, held at the Cinema Visionario in Udine. It was a nice opening with great speakers like Kraam+Weissar and Arne Quinze. Jahara showed his designs with a great feedback from the public, sure a fun way to talk about design.

At the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the opening of the New Italian Design was a sucess. The show was during the Design Week of 2007, curated by Andrea Branzi, the Shampoo Lamp and the Barcode Bag were selected between the objects on display. Later the show went to Madrid at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

At the Pompidou, in Paris, the Chocodelight 'shot' was displayed at the Fabrica exhibition called Les Yeux Ouverts. Interaction design, video and communication celebrated the 10 years of Fabrica.

PKN Venice edition, at the Architecture University had guest speakers like Luca Nichetto, Ross Lovegrove, and Jahara showed new projects in the chit-chat format that is made all over the world.

A temporary installation in the format of a shop, the STUDIOSHOP displayed conceptual works to the visitors of the Biennial of Art in Venice. We featured absurd products with art pieces all together.


packHolly Krueger, an american fashion designer, opened a gallery at her showroom in Treviso, where Jahara displayed the Pack Me colllection of mixed media art works, re-packing the consumer looks.

At Spazio A contemporary gallery, a selection of projects put together in the exhibition entitled ProggettoOggetto, curated by Stefano Colleto in Pistoia, Tuscany. Jahara did a contamination installation in this show.

The artist talk at Think Garden ended up with a sale of the last pieces of the exhibition in Japan. This show was called JAHARA JEWELS, where jewelry pieces were displayed in numbered series.

There was a video interview on display too, made for Love on TV, the program showed several designs from JAHARA and an explanation of his design process and toughts on japanese culture.

At PAD Verona, 40x40 was an exhibition of capsule displays for small sized works of 40 artists, curated by Sebastiano Zanetti, contemporary works were limited by a 40 x 40 centimitres space to show.

A grant from the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation awarded Jahara with a studio for a year at the Giudecca space with other 8 artists from several countries. An intense year of research and development of new ideas, here, above, the opening night of the ateliers, with a little exhibition of featured works to a selected group of curators and journalists of the specialized media.

An educational workshop with 200 kids from a school in Sapporo, Japan, where kids learned to recycled milk cartons into an art installation. They had fun showing their talents in a big pixel artwork.

This was part of the exchange program of the contemporary institute S-AIR, engaging resident artists to interact with the local community. For two days kids of 6 and 7 years old painted these boxes that were clipped together to become a multicolored mosaic structure that stayed at their local school as a display of their experience.

At the Moerunema Art Gallery of the Moerunema Park, designed by Isamu Noguchi, the Mo'Element event invited Jahara to display an installation with his contamination plastics on the walls.

This park is a really amazing structure that must be visited, it was one of the last projects by Isamu Noguchi before he died, and has a little museum with his collection of works displayed permanently.

Tends to Infinity, a mathematical concept, curated by Stefano Colleto in Venice's Palazetto Tito, headquarters of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, featured the Squiggles installation in the main entrance staircase, contaminating walls and ceiling with rubber drawings. The opening as usual, packed with beer drinkers and artsy venitian crowd.


perugiaChiara Zago curated this show with the series of portraits from the Chocodelight book, directed by Jahara. We went to Perugia to display those and then it moved on to Napoli the same year in 2005.

cocReflex featured a series of works from the Aesthetic of the Tubes exhibition in Cocquio Trevisago, the Flok, Aglutinogino and Sprookjes installations were centerpieces of this event at SpazioCapricorno.


arsmarsCentre Design Marseille invited several brasilian and french designers to this show called Brazil, Brazil - objets de luxe. Jahara displayed his plastic contaminations and Beo table, close to works of the Campana Brothers and Ora Ito, Sebastian Wierinck and Nido Campolongo, No-tech Design and Mirla Fernandes.

Arti et amiticitae featured the self portrait of Jahara as part of the Me, Myself and I exhibition with several other contemporary artists. Here a video installation projected the mutant face in Amsterdam.

The Aesthetics of the Tubes, a collective show during the Venice Art Biennial at R.Junck Gallery, Jahara featured works in plastic, installations and five portraits of mutant flemish nobles together with jewelry designers, fashion designers and the performatic artist Masahiro Fukuyama from Japan. All pieces centered around the theme of plastic tubes, used in many diferent ways.


miShampoo was a collective show for the Fuori Salone 2004, with friends, we wanted to refresh our minds and clean our toughts showing fresh ideas that were design related but not only. We had the support of Cibic & Partners to use their space in Via Crispi and featured pattern design, sculpture, furniture, video and sound design, outside soap bubbles would welcome visitors to this exhibition.


tkyAt the Tokyo Designers Block of 2003, Jahara was invited by the organization to display his Maracatu lamp and lauch the Pattern Maniac collection, this was at Keita Maruyama's shop in the Aoyama district. Tokyo is great fun during that week, and usually interesting to meet and party with the global design community. Thanks for the support of Ideé and Benetton that sponsored the exhibition.